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Raj Singh MD
August 27, 2023

Don't get a Tattoo till you watch this

Don't get a Tattoo till you watch this

The link between getting a tattoo and the long-term effects on health are not widely known. This video is to discuss the possible negative effects of getting a tattoo.

Some of the common complications of tattoos are well known. Such as infections with hepatitis, HIV with use of contaminated needles. My primary focus of the video today is the long-term effects of tattoo inks

During my research I was able to find several reports of ink complications, infections, toxin effects, scarring, burns, chronic irritations, and much more.

Getting a tattoo, places a huge burden on our immune system, activates immune cells which can trigger autoimmune diseases such as sarcoidosis, lupus, lichen planus and many others.

Getting a tattoo often leads to what is called a type 4 or delayed hypersensitivity reaction.

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