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Primary Care

Our primary care doctors in Las Vegas specializes in traditional primary care, mental health, Hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, alternative medicine and nutrition.
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Get the best primary care in Las Vegas from top doctors.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced doctors are dedicated to providing the highest quality primary care services in Las Vegas. Trust us with your health and experience the difference.


Discover exceptional primary care doctors in Las Vegas.

Find the best primary care doctors in Las Vegas who are dedicated to providing top-notch medical care for you and your family.

Our doctors prioritize your health and well-being, offering comprehensive services tailored to your individual needs.

Trust in our team of experienced professionals to deliver exceptional care and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Las Vegas Primary care services and conditions managed

  • Traditional primary care to manage diabetes, Blood Pressure and overall health
  • Hormone Imbalances causing Hot flashes, sexual problems, mood issues
  • Mental Health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD
  • Obesity related issues with our customized medical weight loss plans

What if I don't have insurance?

We offer monthly membership that covers medical visits, offers discounted blood work, supplements and other therapies.

only $100/month

Cancel anytime. but we are so confident you won't

What Should I Expect During A Primary Care Visit?

A primary care doctor visit starts with a one-on-one conversation with one of our experienced licenses medical professionals.

We will ask you about your medical history, current health status, medications you're taking, symptoms you may be having, and listen carefully while taking the time to fully understand your health needs and concerns.

That's why we treat each patient as an individual, getting to know them personally. If you have symptoms of diabetes, nutrition issues, abnormal cholesterol levels, or other warning signs, our team will perform diagnostic testing to confirm any underlying conditions.

Next, we develop a personalized treatment plan to address the issue and help ensure your optimal health. Your plan may include medications, personal health coaching, or nutrition programs.

The benefits of getting a primary care appointment

HEALOR™ focuses on creating lasting patient-to-doctor relationships so you can feel at ease when it comes to managing diabetes, cholesterol, nutrition, and overall health.

We want you to know we'll be with you every step of the way during your healthcare journey. Please call our Las Vegas, NV practice to learn more about our treatment options and schedule your one-on-one consultation.

Patients at our Las Vegas, NV office who regularly schedule their primary care appointments enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Preventive care that catches potential concerns in early stages
  • Rapport and relationship built over time with their provider
  • Access to their health concerns and questions in a safe, caring space
  • Practitioners ready to provide referrals, prescriptions, or other necessary check-in care


How is primary care different from secondary care?

Primary care refers to the care and treatment you receive from your primary care provider for things like injuries, illnesses, testing and screenings, or to plan your care with a specialist. Secondary care is the care you receive from a specialist, like a neurologist, for example.

Who is considered a primary care physician?

Family Medicine Doctors and Internal Medicine Doctors, Nurse practioners and Physician associates

Best primary care doctors in las vegas


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What insurances are accepted at HEALOR™

If you don't have health insurance, we have many affordable options. We offer discounted blood work, and radiology services to our HEALOR™ members.

At HEALOR™, we accept most insurance providers, including:

  • Aetna
  • Ambetter
  • Anthem
  • Blue cross blue shield
  • Health Plan of Nevada (HMO’s and PPO’s)​
  • Humana
  • Healthscope (EXCEPT PEBP and AETNA)​
  • Multiplan
  • One health/ hometown health
  • Prominence Health Plan
  • Sierra Health and Life (All plans)
  • Medicaid
  • Tricare
  • United Health Care (PPO’S and EPO’S)

what are the examples of primary care

primary care is where the patient enters the healthcare system to begin and receives services to improve the overall health and wellness.  These services typically include

  • Diagnosis and treatment for acute and/or chronic illnesses
  • Health education and promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Health maintenance
  • Health counseling
  • Immunizations
  • Health screenings
  • Testing

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