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Can High Cholesterol Run In the Family?

Dr. Raj Singh | 01/15/2022

High cholesterol is a threat many in Las Vegas face each day. But, It can be more dramatic and harder to manage in cases where it runs in the family.


Six Types of Food to Eliminate From Your Diet for Healthier Eating Habits

Dr. Raj Singh | 12/23/2021

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be painful or unappetizing, and you can start your transformative, slimming journey by avoiding these six types of food


What Are My Treatment Options For Alcohol Addiction?

Dr. Raj Singh | 12/17/2021

If you or one of your loved ones is showing signs of alcohol addiction, there are many treatment options available to you.


What is the best form of estradiol therapy for Feminizing hormone therapy?

Dr. Raj Singh | 12/05/2021

Feminizing hormone therapy with Estrogen is a treatment for gender dysphoria.


How Women’s Hormones Can Affect Weight Loss

Medical Team | 11/21/2021

For women, hormones like estrogen can affect weight gain


How Can A Woman's Sexual Health Change During Menopause?

Dr. Raj Singh | 11/18/2021

Your sexual health can change drastically during menopause. Here’s how menopause can impact your sexual health — and how you can experience relief.


How Quickly Can a Nicotine Addiction Develop?

Dr. Raj Singh | 11/14/2021

Nicotine addiction can start within days after your first exposure. We are here to help you break the habit.


Is Nutritional Counseling Needed During Medical Weight Loss?

Dr. Raj Singh | 10/28/2021

Nutritional counseling is necessary for weight loss to ensure you can lose weight and keep it off.


When is the Best Age to Start Gender Reaffirmation With HRT?

Dr. Raj Singh | 10/12/2021

Are you ready for gender reaffirmation with hormone replacement therapy? Learn the pros and cons of HRT, including the best age to see a specialist.


Can Diabetes Cause Sexual Dysfunction in Men and Women?

Dr. Raj Singh | 09/23/2021

Sexual dysfunction is common with diabetes, but Dr. Raj Singh and the team at HEALOR Primary Care in Las Vegas, NV can help you reclaim your sex life.


DOT Physical Exam Las Vegas

Dr. Raj Singh | 09/16/2021

Want to be a commercial truck driver? Same day DOT Physical Exam in Las Vegas. Call 702-362-2273


How Can I Lower My Cholesterol at Home?

Dr. Raj Singh | 09/14/2021

You can lower your cholesterol at home through a healthy diet, daily exercise, and (if necessary) prescribed medications.


Discussing the Different Types of Diabetes

Dr. Raj Singh | 08/26/2021

While diabetes can’t be cured, the doctors at HEALOR Primary Care in Las Vegas, NV can help you understand and manage the disease.


What Foods Should You Eat During A Medical Weight Loss Plan?

Dr. Raj Singh | 08/21/2021

Medical weight loss treatment does not limit you to one food group but rather focuses on a low-calorie diet.


Breast Development in Transgender Women

Dr. Raj Singh | 08/10/2021

what can I expect in terms of breast size is often asked by transgender woman


Can A Poor Diet Cause Erectile Dysfunction in Men?

Dr. Raj Singh | 07/21/2021

Most men will experience some degree of ED in their lives, but limiting alcohol and following a healthy diet can improve sexual performance.


Primary care doctor Las Vegas

Dr. Raj Singh | 07/09/2021

Best primary care doctors in the Las Vegas area


Will a Change of Diet Boost My Immune System?

Dr. Raj Singh | 06/15/2021

Maintaining a healthy diet and other positive lifestyle changes can help provide a boost to your immune system.


Erectile dysfunction specialists in Las Vegas

Dr. Raj Singh | 05/31/2021

Male sexual dysfunction includes issues with erection, low libido.


Diabetic neuropathy treatments

Dr. Raj Singh | 05/16/2021

Diabetic neuropathy is on the rise has number of diabetic cases increase


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