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September 10, 2023

When is the Best Age to Start Gender Reaffirmation With HRT? Find Out Here

Best Age to Start Gender Reaffirmation With HRT

Discover the Best Age to Start Gender Reaffirmation With HRT and take a step closer to your authentic self. Hormones are essential for both developing and maintaining characteristics related to gender. At HEALOR ™ transgender care clinic in Las Vegas, our compassionate team is pleased to offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to help patients of all needs and backgrounds begin their gender reaffirmation journey. During this time, board-certified physician Dr. Raj Singh believes it's important that you feel fully informed and prepared.

One common question people have about gender reassignment is when to start HRT. Some people say the best age to start is as early as 16, while others make the decision later in life. Because there are no set guidelines, the decision should be made with careful consideration of what would work best for you. If you want to know the pros and cons of HRT, call our Las Vegas, NV clinic for a discussion.

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy is the process of changing the hormone levels in your body. During treatment, estrogen or testosterone can be administered through injections, pills, or topically. This is performed for transgender individuals who would like to transition their physical appearance, so it better aligns with their gender identity.

For example, estrogen can be used for more feminine characteristics, like breast development, while testosterone is for more masculine traits like facial hair. In a gender reaffirmation consultation with the providers at HEALOR ™ transgender care clinic in Las Vegas, we can learn about your goals and create a personal treatment plan for hormone replacement. We're here to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Many of our patients want to learn the pros and cons of HRT at an early age. Here are some well-known benefits of hormone replacement in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Breast development
  • Fat redistribution
  • Hair growth
  • Alleviation of gender dysphoria
  • More confidence

When should I start HRT?

There is some debate about what age to start hormone replacement therapy. Some people start at 16 because many medical professionals agree that the teenage years may be easier to transition through. By starting hormones during adolescence, transgender people can begin making immediate changes.

However, it's also normal for people to wait until later in life to begin their transition. If you aren't having difficulties with your assigned gender, then there's no need to rush into something that may be challenging or painful for you. At our clinic, we believe the best age is based on an individual's maturity and understanding of the process.

What if I'm unsure?

If you're still uncertain or hesitant about what age to start hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Singh and the trusted team at HEALOR ™ transgender care clinic in Las Vegas can answer your questions and guide you on the path to treatment. Whether we see you for an initial gender reaffirmation consultation or as a returning patient, our providers are here to support you. We're proud to have worked with many transgender people in their personal journeys.

Start when you’re ready

You may wonder if there's a "best age" to start hormone replacement therapy. If you're considering transitioning, the best time to start hormones is on your timeline. If you want more information about the pros and cons of HRT from a board-certified physician, call Dr. Raj Singh for a hormone assessment in Las Vegas, NV. The compassionate staff at HEALOR™ transgender care clinic is ready to get started with you.

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