How to Choose a Primary Care Doctor?

A journey that leads to good health starts with a primary care doctor. When you wonder what can I expect from my primary care doctor in Las Vegas, you can rely on our attentive and compassionate medical treatment for you and your family. Our skilled physicians diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions to help you achieve the quality of life that you deserve. Our focus on your long-term health may help you choose the best primary doctor in Las Vegas.

Knowing What You Can Expect
When you visit our primary care and internal medicine clinic, you receive the best comprehensive primary care by our Board-Certified physicians. Our commitment to providing superior medical attention immediately and our dedication to preventive medicine over the long term inspire us to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

On a visit to our clinic, you receive a thorough checkup that provides a basis for our treatment. We read x-rays and interpret the results of blood and urine tests. Our primary care doctors in Las Vegas screen for dangerous illnesses and help patients manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes,

Meeting the Costs of Healthcare with Our Wellness Plans
Your health insurance plan probably requires a referral from a physician who provides primary care in case you need a specialist, and we provide the best primary care in Las Vegas. However, we go a step further with a welcome to patients who struggle with the costs of healthcare. We serve the community with pride as primary care doctors in Las Vegas that accept Medicaid.

Our wellness plans for uninsured patients can cost as little as $40 per month. You may use our onsite pharmacy to purchase non-controlled medications at our wholesale cost that includes no profit to us. We want you to sign up for wellness plans and use our wholesale pharmacy as a start on a journey to better health.

Getting Effective Primary Care at HEALOR
Our specialists offer a range of specific therapies that can help make your life easier. We provide exceptional health treatment in one location for your convenience, and you can get an appointment without a long wait to get the care that you need.

Balancing Hormones
Your body relies on hormones to control growth and support digestion, brain functions, sleep patterns and sexual activity. When changes in them occur, some symptoms may show up. We can prescribe bio-identical hormones (BHRT) for men and women who need to achieve a balance that makes the body function properly.

Age and other factors can reduce the natural production of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Our primary care clinic in Las Vegas clinic can treat symptoms that result from hormone imbalance.

• fatigue and lack of energy
• memory loss
• weight gain
• less muscle mass
• night sweats and hot flashes
• mood changes
• lost interest in sex
• foggy thinking

Anyone who suffers from symptoms of hormone imbalance can find relief from trusted bio-identical hormones and plant-based supplements and products that we may prescribe. Our concern for our patients’ well-being extends to improving the quality of life that a proper hormone balance helps provide.

Losing Weight with Medical Supervision
We understand that losing weight by dieting and exercise may not produce the results that you want or need. Our primary care doctors in Las Vegas can provide a program for your specific needs to help you lose weight and keep it off. We evaluate each patient for physical, emotional and mental influences to design a plan that works.

The benefit of losing weight under our medical supervision can make the difference between getting the success that you want or receiving disappointing results. With our guidance, you may achieve the weight loss that you wish through a program that includes a low-calorie diet, supplements or other recommendations. We know that obesity can lead to issues that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Our practice incorporates the benefits of alternative medicine in Las Vegas that enhance traditional treatments. You can get a fresh start on losing weight with our personalized approach to your specific needs.

Maintaining Male Sexual Health
We can work with you to resolve problems that affect your sex life. Whether your issues result from psychological or physical causes, we can assure you that most male sexual health problems respond to treatment. Many symptoms of psychological factors may include some that you want us to treat.

• anxiety
• depression
• guilt
• marital problems
• sexual trauma
• stress at work
• worry about sexual performance

Physical causes that can affect male sexual health may present symptoms that we can address to help you cope with them.

• alcoholism
• diabetes
• drug abuse
• heart and vascular disease
• hormonal imbalance
• kidney failure
• liver disease
• neurological disorders

As your primary care doctor in Las Vegas, we assure you that sexual dysfunction happens to more men than you may imagine. Only a third of them report it, but you may have the courage to seek the help that you need. Some antidepressants may cause the condition, but we can develop a plan to help you maintain male sexual health.

Supporting Female Sexual Health
Physical and psychological causes can create issues with female health just as they may with men, but women seem more likely to report them to a doctor. Skilled physicians at our clinic can provide successful treatment for female sexual dysfunction, depending on the causes that underly the issue.

Our doctors take time to find out about any sexual problems that face you and recommend a treatment plan. We may ask you to describe your medical and sexual history and how it influences your relationships. Our compassionate and caring approach to intimate issues invites you to reveal information that can help us develop a treatment regimen that fits your unique needs. When we identify the sources of your problems, we can treat you for each specific cause.

Addressing Transgender Issues
A transition from male to female requires time over the long term, but we can assist you with it as a part of our primary care in Las Vegas. As a life-changing experience, it may offer access to an improved quality of life that makes the transition worthwhile. We understand the desire to make it happen rapidly, but a realistic approach requires managing expectations. We can provide information about the factors that you need to understand. Your medications, genetics, age and overall health can affect the estrogen hormone therapy that we may recommend to help you make a successful transition.

Treating Hair Loss
Male-pattern baldness accounts for almost all cases of hair loss in men, and the condition cannot improve on its own. Our approach to slowing the pace of hair loss may involve topical applications as well as internal medications. We understand that hair loss can change your appearance in ways that you prefer to avoid, and medical treatment can help you achieve results that may relieve some of your concerns.

Many men start losing hair in their 20s, and others do not experience loss until their 50s. Our clinic can help you keep your hair and continue to have the handsome appearance that pleases you. No one needs to suffer from male-pattern baldness when treatments by the best primary doctor in Las Vegas can help.

Dealing with Chronic Fatigue
Many people experience frustration in a doctor’s office when no one recognizes the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Patients who have feelings of extreme tiredness can find an understanding physician at our clinic. As primary care doctors in Las Vegas that accept Medicaid, we know that triggers such as viral infections, problems with the immune system and hormonal imbalances can worsen the condition.

While no one knows a cause or cure for the complicated disorder, we can offer treatments for the symptoms. Our compassionate physicians know that rest does not make you feel better and that exercise fatigue can make you feel worse. We can prescribe antidepressants for patients who feel depressed or recommend options to manage the condition. Our alternative medicine treatments in Las Vegas may provide relief that traditional methods of treatment cannot achieve.

Incorporating Tenets of Functional Medicine Las Vegas
In our practice, we approach each medical issue with curiosity about the root cause of any disease. A diagnosis that we develop may represent many contributing factors. In arriving at a recommendation for effective treatment, we consider a patient’s genetic history, lifestyle and home environment. One symptom can cause another, and we evaluate each one to determine the treatment that functional medicine in Las Vegas can produce for immediate relief and long-term benefits.

Experiencing the Seven Heart Spa
Valuable health benefits can occur in the relaxing and therapeutic confines of our Seven Heart Spa. Services by expert technicians can let you explore treatments that make you look great and feel even better. Facials for men and women make the spa a favorite place to visit for restoring energy and minimizing stress.

A skin tightening procedure that stimulates collagen with radio frequency waves can contribute to creating a youthful appearance. The production of collagen tends to diminish with age, and the stimulation enhances its effectiveness. After treatment, the surface of the skin feels soft and smooth. The spa offers treatments for facial tissues that apply oxygen and vitamins to enhance and refresh the natural beauty of the skin.

What Can I Expect from My Primary Care Doctor Las Vegas?
When you choose us as your primary care doctors, you can expect the very best care from highly trained professionals who care deeply about your health and well-being. We take the time to understand your needs and to build a preventive care wellness plan that serves you now and for years to come. We offer timely appointments that do not keep you waiting but let you see one of our dedicated physicians when you need expert care.

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