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August 27, 2023

Medically Managed Weight Loss: You're Not Alone In This!

Managed Weight Loss

So you’ve gained the freshman five or ten eaten too much of your new wife’s cooking or just got just plain absorbed in life and forgot to take care of you first and now you are seeking the benefit of weight loss!

That describes a lot of people out there. There are twice those numbers looking for a way to “fix” the damage they have done. Good news…you can fix this. With hard work, determination, the right plan, and help from a medical professional, anything is possible. And you may ask since I’m gearing up for all this hard work, what good will it all do?

What are the benefits of weight loss?

5-10 Pound Weight Loss

Losing just five pounds can have a positive effect on your blood pressure. The heavier you are, the harder your heart has to work to pump blood through your veins. Give it a break! Even five pounds can make a difference!

A 5-10 pound benefit of weight loss is help with those minor joint aches that start to bother you once the scale tips into the overweight realm. Let’s exercise those creaky joints. The 5-10 pound weight loss makes it just that much easier.

Clearer Skin and a Brighter Social Life

Did you know your skin will benefit from weight loss? Clear and bright skin follow suit once you start eating more fruits and veggies. Not to mention the water you will be drinking. All serve to nourish the skin and fill up that bottomless pit! Have a salad as often as you can with every meal if you like and notice the changes.

A bigger, brighter social life! That’s right to think of going to the gym or going for a run as a social event. Put your best work out duds on and head for the gym! Nothing says sexy like breaking a sweat. Let your personality shine as you gain confidence and make new friends that are all involved in the one healthy activity you have chosen to showcase in your life! The social benefit of weight loss is incredible!

Losing weight, any amount is a great confidence builder! Bask in the glow of knowing that you can do this! A serious benefit of weight loss is your confidence and how quickly it will grow. Think of how good it feels to complete a difficult hike or maybe a marathon, well half marathon to start! Seriously, that feeling when you cross the line is awesome! Your endorphins will keep you going for the rest of the day!

Weight Can Be Stressful!

Did you know that being overweight is stressful? Do you think about how you will fit in the seat on an airplane? Or how about getting into those tiny bathroom stalls? The worry about fitting into tight spaces, not rubbing up against anyone and just being able to sit in a seat designed for well, a non-overweight person is all thoughts that cross your mind. As you lose weight, the stress magically dissipates and you are sitting with everyone else enjoying the subway ride or dancing at the wedding and enjoying yourself. Stress reduction and removal is another huge benefit of weight loss.

Fear is what stops most people from trying. Remember that there is no shame in not succeeding what you have tried. The only shame is in not trying. Make a plan, pick a date and begin the benefit of a weight loss journey to better health and happiness. Oh did we mention…there’s a new wardrobe in your future too? Enjoy everything to come. Have faith. We do.

For a lot of people, sticking to a healthy diet regimen and exercising regularly can work wonders. But for many other people, medical intervention may be necessary to help them on their journey to weight loss.

What is Medically Managed Weight Loss?

Some overweight people have been going it alone for years. There is no need. On a medically supervised weight loss program, you have a team of specialists in your corner. We’ve got your back! This support comes in the form of people that understand and are happy to help you take the weight off safely. They understand that willpower does not play a part in this equation.

The Assessment

A first-time patient can expect to provide a weight-focused medical history. You will also answer questions about diet and exercise. Be honest. Be upfront. There is no judgment. We are only asking so that we better understand what you have tried on your own or with the help of others. What worked and didn’t work and why.

Finally, you will discuss all of your medications and other health ailments that are the reasons for these medications. Some actually put weight on while others keep it on. So we need to go over the medications as a way of understanding if there is something beyond your control that is holding you back. In addition, maybe there is a better medication for the job. We will discover that together. Typically an EKG is also required for medical clearance.

The Program

Once medical clearance is achieved it’s on to the exciting part, starting your program. Whether your program is shakes, protein bars or other specialized foods or standard food from the grocery store and different ways to prepare it, the goal is to keep your weight loss in mind. Bask in the achievements. Learn from past mistakes. This is all about progress and forward movement.

Weekly Sessions

Weekly sessions will ensure that continued progress remains in your sights. Support is there for you should you have questions or concerns. Weekly group meetings ensure that you will hear other stories of success and yes, some of the failures and how that person got back on track to work the program all the way to success. This is truly a supportive environment with your best interests in mind.

How much will I lose?

First, let’s realize that everyone is different. Your weight loss may not be typical. You may lose more or less. A good rule of thumb is to have a 10% weight loss in mind overall. In the first 90 days of any program you start, you should see roughly a 5% weight loss. This is both safe and achievable.


Exercise for those that are able will help with weight loss. In most cases, if you are morbidly obese you can still participate in a modified exercise program. Your counselor may discuss this in a group or individually tailor a program to your needs. In the beginning, we suggest that learning to follow the eating guidelines is more important. Exercise will pick up during the next phase of the program, but in the meantime, there are things you can do to prepare yourself, such as parking further away from the entrance at any store you visit. This is a good option because you can do it by parking rows and increase 2 rows at a time each time you visit the store. Before you know it you will be parking and walking several hundred steps just to enter the store. That’s good exercise! Remember to discuss options with our staff, before beginning any exercise program on your own.

Celebrate your Success!

Celebrate each success, each small step towards your goal. Every step along the way means you are that much closer to your goal. Ladies this could be a manicure, a new haircut, a new top. Gentlemen, a haircut, massage or a new pair of pants might be in your future.


Once you have achieved your weight loss goal, keeping the weight off is the next step; assuring that your new habits continue as you move towards a brighter, slimmer future. Your counselor will discuss an appropriate maintenance program with you as well as continued infrequent visits to our office to check on your progress.

Take a step in the right direction today. Leave behind the life of fad diets and begin the rest of your life right here with the support and medical backup you need.

Did you know… We can help you with your weight loss!

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