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September 9, 2023

I Just Want to Lose 10 Pounds. Can Medical Weight Loss Work For Me?

medical weight loss

Just wanting to lose 10 lb quickly. Our medical weight loss program can help

Are you struggling to lose weight even when you are eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly? At HEALOR™, Dr. Raj Singh understands that losing weight with dieting and exercise doesn’t always produce the results that his patients are looking for. He can create a medically supervised weight loss plan in Las Vegas, NV for his patients that helps them lose weight and improve their overall health and wellness. He takes time to evaluate each of his patients to assess their current health and design a plan that will work best for their body.

What is medical weight loss?

At HEALOR™, our experienced board-certified physician, Dr. Singh, helps patients achieve the weight loss they want with a low-calorie diet, nutritional supplements, and nutritional counseling. Obesity can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. All of these things can significantly shorten your life. With the help of a medical weight loss plan in Las Vegas, NV our patients can live healthier and longer lives.

Am I a candidate for medical weight loss?

Weight loss can be difficult for many reasons, regardless of how big or small you are. This means that you can get medical weight loss help, even if you’re just ten pounds away from your goal weight.

Before we design a custom weight loss treatment plan for you, we must determine if you’re a candidate. Patients who aren’t eligible for medical weight loss treatment at HEALOR™:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have a history of cancer, heart disease, kidney dysfunction, or thyroid disorder

What happens during a medical weight loss consultation?

To begin medical weight loss treatment near me, you will first have a consultation with Dr. Singh. During this visit, he will assess your health, conduct any necessary lab testing, learn about your medical history, and conduct a body composition analysis that determines your BMI and body fat percentage. Once you begin medical weight loss treatment, you must visit us weekly at our Las Vegas, NV office. During these visits, we will give you necessary injections, including BCAA, carnitine, or B12.

Our obesity management services include:

  1. Behavior modifications: This includes suggestions for diet and exercise that help to reduce caloric intake.
  2. Pre-packaged meal replacement plans: This helps patients transition to self-prepared meals that are low-cal and low-fat, including OPTIFAST® and Advanced Health System.
  3. Weight-loss medication: HCG medication and a low-calorie diet can reset your metabolism.

Improve your health with medical weight loss

Losing weight under medical supervision with Dr. Raj Singh can allow you to achieve the weight loss you’ve been striving for. At HEALOR™, we help our patients change their lifestyle and lose weight the healthy way. This has improved their health and, at the same time, increased their life expectancy. We create personalized medical weight loss treatment plans that work best for their medical history. To learn more about medical weight loss in Las Vegas, NV, schedule a consultation by calling our office to learn how you can begin improving your health with our weight loss management doctor today.

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