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September 6, 2023

DOT Physical Exam Las Vegas

DOT Physical Exam

DOT Physical Exam

A career as a commercial driver in Las Vegas may give you the type of work you enjoy. The opportunity to do something different every day instead of sitting at the same desk or workstation has its advantages. A commercial driver's license (CDL) requires a dot medical exam las vegas by a Certified Medical Examiner on the National Registry (NRCME). These twenty-one tips can guide you through the process.

1. What is dot physical exam?

The Department of Transportation requires dot physicals las vegas before anyone can get a CDL. The requirement means that you need to pass an approved physical exam before you may use your license. The exam checks to make sure your physical and mental health qualify you to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

2. What does the dot physical exam consist of?

We give you a series of tests and ask questions about any current or past medical problems that you may or may not realize you have. As we discuss your health history, we want to hear about anything that concerns you. During the exam, we test your vision and hearing acuity, blood pressure and pulse rate. In addition, we perform urinalysis and give you a physical examination. When we finish, we give you an assessment of the test and document our findings for your health history.

3. What happens when I pass the exam?

When you pass your physical, the doctor gives you a copy of the results and submits information to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to update the records. In addition to providing the dot exam las vegas, we have a full-service clinic that can serve all your medical needs.

4. Do I really get a DOT medical card?

When you pass the dot exam las vegas, it qualifies you to get a DOT medical card. The paperwork that truckers call a DOT card has too much information to fit on a wallet card. However, it does fold down to a size that you can fit in your wallet. You need to keep it with you all the time, and your employer wants a copy that you provide.

5. What happens if I fail the test?

While not passing the exam prevents you from your goal of becoming a driver right away, you can try again. The exam may become a helpful experience for you if it detects health issues you had not noticed. We can work with you to develop treatment options that improve your health and help you get a DOT card.

6. What can make me fail the DOT physical?

Some physical restrictions may prevent you from passing the physical exam. In addition, seizures can disqualify you. A history of addiction to alcohol or sedative drugs can prevent you from passing the exam. Undergoing any treatment that includes prescription drugs can prevent or delay approval. Our doctors can recommend care that can help you with treatable conditions.

7. Why do I need a card?

A DOT card allows you to use your commercial driver's license. Anyone who operates a commercial motor vehicle needs a dot medical card. Also, you need one if you drive a vehicle that can carry more than 10,000 pounds of gross weight, and a card qualifies you to carry more than eight people. In addition, hauling hazardous materials requires you to have a dot card. When you pass all test requirements, we give you a DOT medical card.

8. What results do I need to pass the vision test?

When you wonder what is dot medical exam, you may also wonder about passing the vision portion. Your eye test must show that you have 20/40 vision with or without glasses or other corrective visual aids. In addition, each eye must provide at least 70 degrees of peripheral vision.

9. May I use my glasses or contacts for the vision test?

Yes, please do. The vision test allows you to use your regular visual correction equipment as you usually do when you drive. However, your glasses, contact lenses and any related medicines need to use the latest prescription.

10. What about hearing?

If you have any hearing loss, you may wonder what does the dot physical exam consist of. The test for hearing requires you to hear a forced whisper within 5 feet in any direction with or without a hearing aid. In addition, it includes a required audiometry test that checks on your inner ear functions if the whisper test fails.

11. What blood pressure reading does the test require?

A reading that registers below 140/90 lets you pass the blood pressure portion of the exam. We can help you control your blood pressure if the tests show you need it.

12. How often does DOT require a physical exam?

Most medical certifications last for two years. However, blood pressure levels that tests show as too high or too low may allow only a three-month certificate. If they improve, you may qualify for a one- or two-year DOT card. Our doctors can recommend a treatment plan to manage your blood pressure.

13. Does the exam include a urine test?

Yes, the test checks for conditions such as diabetes, drug use or other underlying conditions.

14. What does a doctor look for in a physical examination?

The overall appearance of your body lets doctors notice any unusual sounds, functions or conditions that may present concerns. It makes sense for you to wonder what is dot physical exam. The DOT wants to make sure you can drive safely, and the exam proves it. In your exam, our doctors check your overall appearance for any functions or conditions that may present concerns.

15. How do I improve my chances to pass the test?

As Certified Medical Examiners, we know what it takes to do well on the DOT physical. Therefore, for your peace of mind, you need to know that your best shot at passing the test improves with preparing for it. For example, use the week before your exam to focus on healthy eating and drinking.

You may get better blood pressure readings when you leave junk food, salt, sugar and caffeine out of your diet. Our recommendations for healthy living include leaving them out entirely or reducing them as much as you can.

16. Do I need to continue taking my regular medications?

Yes. Stick to your schedule of taking your medications as usual. Changes at the last minute may produce readings that do not reflect your everyday lifestyle. We can review the medicines that you use and make recommendations if needed.

17. What do I need to bring on exam day?

Not all doctors can perform dot physicals las vegas that DOT requires for commercial drivers. We qualify as Certified Medical Examiners, and our name appears in the National Registry. When you can bring the required pieces of information and two optional ones that we need to know, it gets your exam off to a good start.

• Medical History

A copy of your medical records lets us catch up on your history as the best place to start.

• Hearing Aids

You may use hearing aids to pass the portion of the test that requires you to hear a forced whisper in whichever ear works the best.

• Glasses or Contact Lenses

Our examiner can know you use glasses when you wear them, but contacts do not provide as much information. Therefore, you may need to let your examiner know if you wear them.

• Prescription List

The name of each medication that you take and the dosage that you need can inform our doctors about your general health.

• Health History Questionnaire

Our paperwork takes some time to complete, and you can take care of it when you arrive. We can maintain it as a record of your health background.

• Optional Lab Results

If you have diabetes, we need a copy of your newest lab report that shows your Hemoglobin AIC (HgAIC) and your fast blood sugar.

• Optional Cardiology Report

If you have heart-related problems, we need a letter from your cardiologist that your health allows you to work.

18. How long does the test take?

At our medical clinic, we need about 45 minutes to give you a physical that meets DOT requirements. Then, when you pass it, you assure your employer and the motoring public that your health allows you to drive safely.

19. What can I expect after my physical?

When we determine that your health qualifies you to own a commercial driver's license and drive commercial motor vehicles, we give you a copy of the results. In addition, we send the report to the DOT for inclusion in the Commercial Driver's License Information System (CDLIS).

20. What happens if I do not get a physical exam?

The validity of your license depends on passing the physical exam. Without it, you can expect to hear from CDLIS that you do not have medical certification to drive a commercial motor vehicle. On the other hand, your DOT medical card proves that you passed a DOT physical exam by a Certified Medical Examiner on the National Register.

We can provide the certification that makes you eligible and prevents a downgrade to a lesser status. In addition, we can help you receive a driver exemption if you do not meet the portions of the exam that concern diabetes, physical impairment or vision.

21. Where can I get a DOT physical?

At our medical clinic, we provide the dot medical exam las vegas at our convenient location. In addition, our range of occupational health services offers treatment for any issues that may concern you. You can schedule an appointment directly on our website or by calling us at 702-362-2273.

Learning How to Pass Dot Physical Exam

Passing the DOT exam can pose no problem when you eat a healthy diet, take your medicines regularly and bring your glasses and hearing aids with you. You have no reason to worry about it when you maintain your usual lifestyle. Then, it takes only a short time for us to check your health and issue your DOT medical card.

Please note that due to burdensome requirements, HEALOR™ has stopped offering DOT exams as of 2022.

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