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Primary care doctor Las Vegas

Are you looking for a primary care doctor near you in Las Vegas? There are so many  options when looking for a primary care doctor in Las Vegas.  We are going to show you why we are one of the best options  when it comes to selecting a primary care physician in Las Vegas.

Qualified Medical Providers: are you tired of taking too many prescription medications and still not feeling better.  We at HEALOR believe and practice in improving your overall health and wellness instead of writing a bunch of prescriptions without addressing the core cause.  All our medical providers are trained in Internal Medicine, family Medicine in addition to extensive knowledge in natural remedies, supplements and nutrition.  At every visit we focus on reducing the number of prescriptions and improving the overall health of our clients.

Wait Times:  you have probably experienced wait times often exceeding an hour and then only to be seen by  the medical provider for 5 minutes.   We do things differently in our primary care clinic in Las Vegas. 

  • We do not over book our appointments.  Which means no rushing through appointments to get to the next patient. 
  • Our providers  typically evaluate 15-20 patients per day.  Compare that to the average of 40-50  patients seen in a typical primary care office in one day.  Because we limit the number of appointments per day, we are able to spend more time with our patients. 
  • Our patients typically spend less than 15 minutes in the waiting room.

On-site Lab: 

No more waiting for hours at a large lab waiting to get blood work drawn.  We have on-site lab draw capability, which translates to no wait time for lab work.  

On site ultrasounds: 

This allow for rapid diagnosis and treatment of many ailments  and since  ultrasounds of done in our office the reports are available in a short timeframe. 

On-site pharmacy: Our pharmacy is a non profit pharmacy which means deep discounts and  is a huge time Saver for all our client’s.  No more waiting in line at your local pharmacy.

No insurance: For patients without insurance we offer wellness plans that allow unlimited  medical visits in our office.  Plans start as low as $ 50 per month.

DOT physicals:  we offer  Department of transportation physicals for commercial driver’s license.

Immigration exams:

We are certified to conduct immigration exams to help with your visa application.

Addiction treatments:

We offer  innovative  treatments and counseling to deal with all sorts of addictions.

IV infusion center: Our IV infusion center allows for correction of nutritional problems, dehydration, hangovers, and many other health issues.

Nutritional counseling:

Our providers are trained in nutrition and  provide guidance to improve health by modification in diet.

Weight loss center:

We offer customized medical weight  programs design to shed weight in a safe and effective way.

On-site clinical trials:

Did we mention that we are also a research site,  so we stay on top of advances in medicine and our patients have access to large number of clinical trials and access to experimental drugs at no cost.

LGBTQ Friendly:

We have a very diverse workforce which is trained to  provide best LGBTQ  care in Las Vegas.

Transgender care:

 Our providers are trained in managing transgender hormone transition and any other health issues when it comes to transgender client’s.  We offer gender neutral restrooms throughout our clinic.

Hormone replacement:

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to optimize and balance hormones.


Too busy to come to our clinic?   We provided virtual care and telephone care to all our client’s.

We believe in Education

Check out a YouTube channel for videos to improve your health

Need more proof?

Check out our amazing reviews.  Did you know that most of our current clients are referred by our existing clients.

So if you are ready to select the best primary care doctors in Las Vegas, look no further and schedule your online appointment by visiting our website, or by calling 702-362-2273. 

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