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HEALOR Concierge Care

$250.00 on the 1st of each month

Led by the esteemed Dr. Raj Singh MD, a nationally recognized physician and principal investigator of several multinational clinical trials, this concierge service offers a comprehensive approach to anti-aging, medical weight loss, and hormone and nutrition management.

With over 15 years of active clinical experience, Dr. Singh has honed his expertise and trained hundreds of doctors and allied health medical practitioners. His commitment to delivering top-notch care is evident in every aspect of HEALOR™ Concierge Care.

When you choose HEALOR™ Concierge Care, you're not just receiving medical guidance – you're gaining a trusted health consultant who will listen attentively to your concerns and provide personalized solutions. Dr. Singh understands the struggles and challenges patients face on their healthcare journey, and he is dedicated to being your steadfast support.

HEALOR Concierge Care

Introducing HEALOR™ Concierge Care, your gateway to unparalleled personalized medical care in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. With Dr. Raj Singh MD FACP FASN, a double board-certified physician  in Internal Medicine and Nephrology, as your trusted guide, you can rest assured that your health is in the best hands possible.


Imagine having 24x7 access to a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare professional who truly understands your unique needs. HEALOR™ Concierge Care offers exactly that. Whether it's a pressing concern or a simple question, Dr. Raj Singh MD is just a phone call away, ready to provide expert guidance and support whenever you need it.

But that's not all. With HEALOR™ Concierge Care, you'll also have access to comprehensive preventative screenings and wellness scans. Dr. Raj Singh MD believes in the power of proactive healthcare, focusing on preventing ailments before they even have a chance to develop. From routine check-ups to specialized tests, he will ensure that you stay one step ahead in safeguarding your well-being.

HEALOR™ Concierge Care is more than just a medical service; it's a partnership built on trust and understanding. Dr. Raj Singh MD takes the time to listen attentively to your concerns, addressing each one with patience and empathy. He understands that navigating the healthcare system can be overwhelming, which is why he is dedicated to being your reliable health consultant every step of the way.

Join the exclusive community of individuals who prioritize their health with HEALOR™ Concierge Care. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a devoted physician who is committed to providing you with exceptional care and comprehensive solutions. Discover the difference that personalized medicine can make in your life. Choose HEALOR™ Concierge Care today and embark on a healthcare journey like no other.

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Raj Singh MD Concierge Care

$250.00 on the 1st of each month

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