Las Vegas, NV | Platelet Rich Plasma To Prevent Hair Loss | HEALOR Primary Care

Platelet rich plasma is an effective therapy for preventing hair damage and also reversing some of the hair loss. At Healor and Seven Heart Spa, we combine medications, platelet rich plasma, LED light therapy and other treatments to improve hair growth. This procedure takes about 30 minutes, is painless, effective and can be repeated multiple times a year. So, if you suffer from hair loss and are looking for hair loss treatments in Las Vegas, visit us at Healor or Seven Heart Spa.


Dr. Raj Singh: Hi, this is Dr. Raj Singh. So today we are doing a PRP for hair restoration. So as you can see, we've already taken the images with our pretty equipment. So we know what areas of the scalp we are going to inject. The first step we do is of course, we do a nerve block to numb this area of the scalp. So you can see we have some significant hair loss. So our goal is to reverse the effects of aging, and of course some hair damage, create some new hair follicles. So we've already done the nerve blocks, which is, I've injected anesthetic here and anesthetic here. That's going to block this area. Can you sit up just for a minute?

Dr. Raj Singh: We are also going to do two nerve blocks here. That's the occipital to kind of numb the rest of the scalp. And then we're using our cryo chiller to chill the scalp further so there is no pain or discomfort to our patient.

Dr. Raj Singh: Okay. So we're going to inject from here, where the hair loss is. Okay? And Karen is going to hold the cryo chiller, this gives cold air so it numbs the scalp, so the patient doesn't feel any pain. All right.