HEALOR Primary Care – Las Vegas, NV


At HEALOR Primary Care Las Vegas, NV, our team strives to provide comprehensive care to women and men with a range of health needs and concerns. Our spacious office features a number of private consultation and treatment rooms, as well as a roomy reception area with ample seating where individuals will get to enjoy a short wait before being seen by one of our physicians. Before your appointment, we encourage you to help yourself to complimentary tea or coffee.

When you visit our upscale Las Vegas primary care clinic, you will receive a thorough checkup by a talented Las Vegas primary care physician so we can properly assess your current health and have a basis for your treatment. Some diagnostics we may include x-rays, blood tests, and urine tests, depending on your concerns. Our primary care physicians in Las Vegas, NV, screen for dangerous illnesses and help patients manage chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Additionally, we can also help with sexual dysfunction, medical weight loss, and LGBTQ+ medical conditions.

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